Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first Week

First off, I've decided I want/need to get done with school as fast as possible or I am going to go crazy! Don't get me wrong, I love Rexburg. It is a place full of memories. However, the longer I am here, the more and more I just want to leave and move on from college life. I'm not saying I want to go and get married.. cause.. well.. NO! But I am done with this part of my life. Stupid drama that comes my way when I have done nothing to even hear about it.

I am grateful for my roommates this semester. They are the best! They make coming home at night worth it. The kitchen has never looked this good! I swear there is rarely more than 5 dishes in the sink at a time. Maturity is a blessing! We all get along. I have moments where I just want to get away, but who doesn't. Me being a VERY independent person, this happens a lot. Kate gets it and lets me do my own thing. I love her!

My new schedule is pretty snaptastic! Yes, I do start at 7:45 a.m. every other day, but I am done by 11:15! It is beautiful. I dropped one of my class. SURPRISE! It was a good choice on my part. Since I will only be taking 10 credits in the fall, why not make it 12 and still get off easy. =D I like it! My classes are great. SOOOOOOO much work though. I am now at the point of my major where everything really does apply. So even though it is "busy" work, it is relevant. So I try not to complain too loudly. My music methods class (which is basically a class that teaches you the basics of how to read and teach music) is PSYCHO!!!! I cannot express how crazy, weird this woman is. Why she is teaching this, I just don't know. Her expectations are nothing but perfection. For all of you who have heard me sing, you know I am far for it. But she expects us all to meet it. UGH! We'll see how it goes. There will be future posts of frustration and stories I am sure.

Other than that, not much has been happening. I am in a blah mood today.... must be monday tomorrow.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why am I in a hurry to get school done so fast?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

After a long 4 hour drive from the airport. After seeing many herds of antelope. After passing bunches of tumbleweeds I landed in a small town in the butt crack corner of Colorado (practically) with a population of 8,869. Now I know what you are thinking, "Poopsie where are you?"

Lamar, Colorado!

My week here has been one of the best. I arrived at Denver at, 3:30 in the morning (not really, it was p.m), greeted by my sister (Heather-my only one) and Miss Afton. Who, I might add, has become her own little person and now has a neck! After tears of joy (not on my part.... or anyones) us girls went shopping for a few things in Aurora. Can I add, Colorado has a weird heat here. It is a mix between wet and dry. I have yet to decide if I like it or not. While shopping we found my sister a snaptastic skirt and a new little man suit for my nephew
Liam (referred to as Yum, Yummy or Yummers from here on out). Our drive from Aurora
to Lamar took us a grand total of 4 hours, which allowed my sister and I to catch up, and for Afton to scream for 2 hours of the 4. That girl seriously has some lungs. We were all but 5 minutes from home when she decided to stop crying and fall asleep. When I walked through the door, there were no yells or Aunt Katie screams, just a tired Dad and two very silly children "in bed," but not quit in bed. Hugs were exchanged, and they were out within minutes. Apparently they were waiting to see me. But who wouldn't.

It has now been a grand total of 5 days of being here in Lamar and have done nothing! It's fantastic. I have read How to Eat Fried Worms (great, great, great book) and am now in the progress of reading Danny the Champion of the World. It was my goal this break to read 2 books for fun, not for class. The fact that they happen to be children's chapter books are beside the point. Everyone likes to have an easy read every now and then.

Each day I have gone to bed around midnight and have been woken up around 7:30 a.m. by the terrible early birds. And I thought I would be sleeping in and catching up on some zzz's. WRONG! But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

With Eliza in school all day I get to hangout with Yum most of the day. Our days have consisted of watching Cars (3 times), Bolt, Up, Wall-E, Little Einstein's, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; I bought him some foam swords and have had many sword fights sense (the walmart employees probably have our pictures posted after all the running around we
did), almost non-stop wrestling, and many tears. I may be the favorite aunt, but I still make them cry. I haven't mastered that concept yet. Poor kids.

Every night after about 7:30 the grown ups have the run of the house. Yes, that does include me thank you very much. Just two nights ago I took a turn on the Wii fit. Which is horrible! Apparently, according to the stupid game, I have no balance. Who would have thought. I think Heather and Ethan got a real kick out of watching me as I tried each game they suggested. Some of them, I swear they had me do just because they wanted to see how I would mess it up. That's what I get for talking smack all the time.

We took a quick 30 minute drive east of Lamar to the Kansas border. Literally, my sister lives 30 minutes from Kansas. In the picture on the right, no that is not some random little boy I decided to put on my shoulders, that's Yum!

A quick update about school for my Curve Ladies. I did great! I passed all my classes. I even got a B in my math class. Whoop whoop! I was wicked nervous about that. I have not found out what I got on my state exam, but I get to find out as soon as I get back to school on monday. Fingers crossed! One of my roommates (Kate) stayed in Rexburg for most of the break and she has had a great time decorating. I am so excited! Maybe by having cute things people will keep there CRAP in their own rooms! Here's for hoping. We might end up with only 5 roommates instead of 6.... which would be a wonderful thing. I'm nervous about this semester, 17 credits. Ouch! But it is taking me that much closer to finishing it all up. 2 more semesters to go! Snap I'm good.