Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ally I swear I am not trying to take your thunder from Music Mondays. Promise. I just tend to go on tangents looking for songs I have never heard. I found this one this morning and this one.
I just love Lady A.
I need to buy EVERYTHING of theirs ASAP.
Thought I'd share it. I have a weak spot for country love songs.
Always have, always will....
Did you know, on youtube, if you put in an artist it will give you a mix of a bunch of their songs...
Who needs to buy music anymore!


You know how I usually am not a fan of Wednesday's?
If you aren't a regular, I despise them. However,this Wednesday seems to be a little different.
Basically...... I am excited for this Wednesday!
It better not do it's normal slower than life Wednesday-ness.
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Wednesday.
Cause I think this will be the best for me in a long time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deleting and Shout Outs

I did it! I finally just did it. NO MORE FACEBOOK FOR KATIE!
thanks Ally
I didn't think it would feel so good. I feel free almost. Now I can become obsessed with blogging.... uhhhhh probably not. But I feel like I have deleted some extra baggage in my life. I think everyone should try to delete something from their life that just really doesn't matter. I seem to be deleting lots of things lately. Cheesy, yeah I know, but it's how I feel. I just want to do everything I can to be like Clara (hey girl!)

Today is my last day of work until Tuesday! Whoop Whoop. I hope today flies by. This weekend I will be helping family friends move to Bellingham. I have never been there before, so this should be exciting. I hope to see a couple old friends, but we will see how it all goes.

I want to give a couple shout outs. Since I have left school my blog seems to be getting more attention then I am used to. Which makes me feel like a dead artist who gets popular and makes millions once they are dead.....hmmmm
Anyways, I want to give a shout out to Spoon! You make me laugh with your random texts and you should head back to Rexburg so you can date awesome girls. Hate to brake it to you, but North Dakota doesn't have much of a selection. Clara, Jacqui and Kirsta.... stop being awesome. Jacqui have you seen any .... lately? I think you all should come visit here soon. It could be fun!

I also want to let everyone know that I love mail! Once upon a time I would get a letter once a week, I really grew to love getting mail. I got a letter from Clara yesterday, literally made my day. So basically write me! I promise I will write back. It isn't a very known fact about me, but I send packages sometimes ;D

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I just heard this song while writing this post. I think I LOVE it! Check it out
Billy Currington seems to always get it right.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


People piss me off...
enough said.
I'm done with the unneccessary-ness some people bring into my life.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday, I sure did.
Just have a look see...

In Poulsbo, we celebrate the "founding" of our town by having a weekend dedicated to carnival rides, vendors, parades and booths called Viking Fest. People dress up as vikings and act all scary for a weekend. It's pretty legit. However, I remember it being AMAZING when I was in high school, but now it is covered with stupid people that do stupid things, a super long parade and expensive things that I can't have. Does this sound like fun? But I had a great time. Saw all the people I graduated with that have not done anything with their lives yet, which gave me a HUGE boost in the ego and ate some cotton candy (one of my favorite things).
It was a gloomy day that ended with a heach-ache and annoying information. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday.
I need the rest.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once again, it is Wednesday. However, this Wednesday seems different then the usual ones. I am optimistic, scared and feeling a bit emotional to be honest. But I am ready for what the day will bring and know that the end of the day will be full of lessons learned and new experiences to reflect on.
I decided that I needed to start working out again. Mamma's cooking is to yummy to not have a few helpings. So I talked my two little friends into running with me twice a week. When I say little I am being serious. 13 and 14 to be exact. They are two crazy teenagers, thinking the world is going to come to an end cause a boy didn't talk to them or their outfit wasn't just right. At times I may want to strangle them, but being around them has helped remind me how simple life can be. I wouldn't mind if my outfit was the only thing I had to worry about.
Our run didn't last SUPER long, it was just right. We laughed and talked about random things as we ran. I got to know them on a whole new level. It was bitter sweet. They will be moving in a month and I will miss their whole family.

I am not sure why my hand is where it is, but just go with it.
(left to right, Brit, me and Mandy)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I really dislike Wednesdays....
They are long. They are slow. They are the middle.
However, I am HAPPY
(look at me putting what I have said into action)

(yes, this is an embarrassing picture, but i think it is me in a nutshell, and why hide me?)
I have TWO jobs now! Whoop Whoop.
I tutor during the day at a nearby elementary school. Some of you might be thinking... do you have a crush on a kid yet? No. I am keeping it appropriate this time.
(no one can replace austin)
At night I clean a dentist office. Yeah, I clean. I put on gloves and touch trash. Don't be jealous Ally.
(but for my half birthday you can send me something nice from... uhhh the place you work. I forgot the name..oops).
I now get fully dressed EVERYDAY... hair and all.
I have a "to do" list that almost gets completely crossed off
I have been going tanning... AMAZING. I even got my mom doing it too!
My house is emptying out this weekend. It will just be me and this place.
Any ideas on what I should do?
Happy Wednesday... may it go by faster for EVERYONE else

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am Awesome

I have determined that I sleep in too late
That I need to start exercising again
Clean the Van
Be more patient with ALL
Do more for others and LESS for me.

I am home to be on vacation. FALSE. I am home to go back to the simple things in life. To not focus on what used to be, but to move forward and look to my future with a smile (even if it might be a scared one).
I need to be happy! Happiness is a choice and I can change this face to ---->>>
A much better face!
I am so grateful for everything I have in my life and those who are in it. WHoop Whoop!