Saturday, May 21, 2011


People piss me off...
enough said.
I'm done with the unneccessary-ness some people bring into my life.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday, I sure did.
Just have a look see...

In Poulsbo, we celebrate the "founding" of our town by having a weekend dedicated to carnival rides, vendors, parades and booths called Viking Fest. People dress up as vikings and act all scary for a weekend. It's pretty legit. However, I remember it being AMAZING when I was in high school, but now it is covered with stupid people that do stupid things, a super long parade and expensive things that I can't have. Does this sound like fun? But I had a great time. Saw all the people I graduated with that have not done anything with their lives yet, which gave me a HUGE boost in the ego and ate some cotton candy (one of my favorite things).
It was a gloomy day that ended with a heach-ache and annoying information. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday.
I need the rest.


  1. okay. cotton candy is my favorite too.

  2. hmmmm.... you are doing that KB thing, where you are upset about something and kinda want to vent, but also want to keep it to yourself and be all private about it - so you are being vague on the blog. Since your niece has me up at the crack-o-dawn, I'll wait until a decent hour and call you.

    I'm jealous you got to go to Viking Fest. I miss Poulsbo...

    I know!! I should come visit for a while. I'll bring the kids... :)

  3. PS: Completely dig the photo...