Friday, August 19, 2011


Today happens to be the birthday of someone VERY special to me. 21 is a big birthday and I wanted her to know just how much she means to me... so why not tell the whole world while i'm at it? Rather than tell all the M.A.N.Y wonderful things about her, I will tell some of my favorite memories with Sharda Morgan Baker.

First memory: The Beginning. Sharda and I have known each other for a very long time, but never really talked until the summer before our freshman year. She claims to have been scared of me. Which I understand, I was SUPER loud back then. Anyways, during our fourth year at girls camp Sharda's best friend at the time didn't come. Her and I both were in a cabin full of people we knew, but not close with. She had her Nemo blanket and I had my Tigger one (of course). We put our cots together and just...stuck together. Can't really explain how it happened. It just did. We laughed and became pretty close at camp. That year was my MOST favorite year EVER! And I know it has to do with becoming friends with Sharda. The Lord knows what he is doing with girls camp (I am not the biggest fan of camp). Anyways that year out friendship slowly grew. Our sophomore year we became closer. She still had all her best friends (Doobes was a cheerleader and kind of acted like it for a while ;D) We had seminary and first period together.

I remember trying so hard to have Sharda be my super good friend. I was a weird kid and didn't have very many friends at all and had my eyes set on her. My attempt at making her a close friend was giving her a nick name. It started off as Doobie... then I learned what that meant. So it became Doobes. By the end of our Sophmore year... I won her over! She was practically all mine... and the best friend you could ask for.

Second Memory: Ocean Shores. Spring Break our Junior year was hilarious. Looking back on it at least, at the time we were two heart broken girls that wanted to escape. If I had a scanner I would put those pictures up to. We spent nights up in the tower, crying cause boys we liked didn't want us. Climbed on the roof and flirted with boys at McDonalds with Gina (her mom). It was rainy and miserable weather, but one of my favorite memories with Sharda.

Third Memory: My Graduation from BYU-Idaho. Sharda came! She doesn't know how much that meant to me. We both are PERFECT at being there for each other for important events.
We have a hard time taking nice pictures.
Fourth Memory: Giving her Eternal Happiness. This is Dan. Sharda's now husband. I met Dan first in my ward. Dan is super great and super hilarious. Just ask him to say Eureka and you will understand why. It was my second semester at school and Mother's Day. I was asked to speak in church (blah!) Sharda came to support me... little did she know she was going to be meeting thee man for her. I remember like it was yesterday, I was talking about my crazy mom when I looked at Sharda and then over to Dan... when a thought came to me... "hmmm sharda and Dan...hmmm... they are perfect for each other.... make them meet." Well everybody, she came over that night and snuggled up with him in the love sack and watched L.A. Ink I believe on the mini. She was lost then. But I was ok loosing her to Dan. They got married a year ago tomorrow.
Happy 1 year Bakers!!!
I will expect my check in the mail soon.

Fifth Memory: Sharda's 19th Birthday. We went (all alone) back to ocean shores to re-live that amazing time we had 2 years earlier. It was an adventure. Getting the tent up alone was a challenge. My dad reserved the campsite closest to the bathroom... Sharda has to pee ALOT.
We went to bed at 8 p.m. got up at 7 a.m., played speed while we ate breakfast at MacDonalds and tried to get a tan with the win blowing...
This is the tent... I rigged the rope just in case we couldn't figure it out. I was determined to make it work. But we eventually got cell service and called her mom. Thanks Gina!

Sixth Memory: Graduation from High School! Little did we know, this was the beginning of everything. I graduated from the new high school so we both were able to come to each others graduations for pictures. The kid in the middle is Chris. He was part of the crew, but only when he wasn't being stupid. We called each other the "tres'" Chris was the middle finger (bad kid), Sharda was the little finger (she's tiny) and I just got the one left over. Figures ;D

Homecoming dance our senior year. Later that year she convinced me to go to prom... stupidest thing of our life! Both hated it more than anything and left early. Our dates were not the happiest guys in the world.
Oops. Sorry Buddy and Magdy.
(there names say it all)
Seventh Memory: Graduation Night. Being the cool kids that we are, we chose not to go on the senior cruise and spend time with people we really didn't like. Sooo.. we hungout with our moms!! Sounds lame, but seriously was the best time ever. We drove around Seattle yelling out the window in Australian accents, went to a Mariners game and got hit on by college boys at Red Robin.
Eighth Memory: College! Sharda and I never roomed together, but we did so much together. Especially our first summer in rexburg. With her dating Dan and me already tight with Dan's apartment we went on many adventures. Watching all the seasons of Lost and golfing come to mind.

Ninth Memory: Sharda and I have always been side by side with the experience life threw at us. From boys to work, to school to family. We had a lot of good talks in hot tubs and tanning. We created quit a few acronyms for different circumstances we were in...
L.W.N.L---ladies with no lovers.
O.I.S---Over it sisters
Fu Fu berries for life---joke with the elders
Love bipolar---good song

We got ourselves in trouble with all kinds of people, T.P.ed 11 cars (in one night) and made baked goods for the missionaries. Needless to say, we were crazy!

Sharda, I love you. I hope you know there isn't a memory of ours that I would trade for anything. You have helped me become the person I am today. The way you live your life now is what I want for my future. You have grown up so much and I am so proud of you for "putting your big girl panties on."
You being in my life has only blessed it. I love you girl.

Now, go buy yourself a drink.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Cause...

Some of you might have noticed I activated my facebook again.. just for a few days. I don't want to get sucked back into that world again...

But the main reason I activated it was to brag a little... Just want the world to know..

I really like this boi....

photo taken by this amazing lady!

As you can tell... he makes me laugh. And smile. And want to eat rainbows and poop butterflies... and cuddle. Weird huh?
Definitely one of a kind thing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last Week

It must be time to go soon cause my planner is starting to get full of stuff to do.
Tomorrow is the beginning of my last week being home for an extended stay.
(at least, I hope so... don't be offended mom and dad)
It is crazy to look back on the past 4 months I have been home. So much has happened!
(my mom and dad may think otherwise with me 'being gone' all the time)
I was fortunate to find two jobs that have not only paid for my tuition, but most of my living expenses. I have spent time on myself and like to think I have come out better than when I went in. I spent time with family. Even if it was just sitting and watching Tv. It is still time spent together. I was able to catch up with old friends and see how life has turned out for them. I have talked to my best friend EVERY WEEK since I got home. Whoop Whoop for us Doobes! I have found things I thought were gone forever and found direction in my life again. I know where I want to go and what I need to do.
I have improved my wardrobe and continue to do so.
I have slept in and laid around all day watching the hills and the city.
(thank you netflix)

Did I read? Sure did! Did I cook every week? Ummm not for the past 2 months. Did I learn how to play the piano? Umm... I can read it, play super slowly AND kind of sound like the right song. Did I invite people to church? Yup... got rejected all 3 times. Even though I didn't accomplish all the things I put on my list fully, I think this time home has been exactly what I needed.

The next couple of months are going to be straight C.R.A.Z.Y. Just thinking about it causes stress in my life. Scared? Sure am. Afraid of change? Always have been.Worried? Duh.
But, if there is only one thing I have learn being home it is to not let the fear of something you know is right stop you from moving forward.
Doubt not, fear not.
Wish me luck with last minute items to do. Good-byes, work and packing. Ugh... packing. And a LONG drive to Utah.
Ally... it's time!

p.s. This is my brother Marc. We have the same birthday. He is a million time more obnoxious than I have ever been. I am going to miss him.... more than he even knows.
Love you Dave!