Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Cause...

Some of you might have noticed I activated my facebook again.. just for a few days. I don't want to get sucked back into that world again...

But the main reason I activated it was to brag a little... Just want the world to know..

I really like this boi....

photo taken by this amazing lady!

As you can tell... he makes me laugh. And smile. And want to eat rainbows and poop butterflies... and cuddle. Weird huh?
Definitely one of a kind thing.


  1. stopstopstopstopstop. too too too cute.

  2. "poop butterflies" - Can you explain that to me?


  3. awww this picture is so cute! it makes my heart feel so light and airy...

  4. Oh my sunshine girl makes me smile....again! Miss you! I hope all is well in Utah!
    Momala via Colorado

  5. Wow this is so amazing...for a minute I thought you had posted one of those fake-happy-couple-shampoo-add things and I was like "Cool Katie. Why do you have a crush on a shampoo man model?? This is strange also because the girl in the add looks like you....oh..." that is when I realized IT WAS REAL!!!! Awesome :)

  6. Wow I am way behind on blogging. How long has this picture been up? Ok, I just checked… I was really behind . I concur with the majority: this is just fabulous, tiggerific so to speak.