Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two words


that is actually 3, but I really don't care. Home has never felt so good. These 7 weeks better go by super super slowly.

Hmmm.... what should I should now?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tests and Camping

It is Sunday afternoon and I am pooped. I have had one heck of a weekend. Saturday was full of tests for myself. But the evening was entertaining. Camping with all my roommates at Green Canyon Hot Springs was an adventure. Since I had tests to take I arrived later in the day. Around 5 pm. Since I got to come late I didn't have to worry about setting up camp, but I had no idea that the fire would be such an issue. After standing around for 10 minutes we all got a good 'non smoking' one going. How many girls does it take to get a fire going? 6! Our neighbors down the way were staring.... and laughing. But we got it! The only thing was, it was 6 o'clock and our firewood was SUPER dry. Do you know what that means? It burns super fast.... out of wood by 8:30! Luckily there was still cell service and we called some men to our rescue. Green canyon is about 40 minutes east of Rexburg so non of us felt bad asking someone to bring out a few things for us. Not only did we run out of wood, but we needed a pan to cook on in the morning and some jackets (because some silly little girls didn't think to bring a jacket)... idiots. Oh and I was dying from allergies. Stupid grass. At around 9 we had our men there to help build up a nice hot fire and entertain us till the rain came. Once here all of us girls ran into our tents while the boys drove home. It was nice to sleep to the sound of rain hitting the tent. Unlike my roommates, it was soothing to me and I fell asleep within seconds.
Now I am home. Trying to not think about the week that starts tomorrow. Two state exams that I need to take and pass. So keep me in your thoughts and prayers on wednesday and friday evening. I can use all the help I can get.
Oh.. and guess what? My roommates take pictures! So you all get to see some of the funness in picture form!