Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brave Poopsie

I did it! I pierced my ears!!
Thanks to Ally and her 'just do it' attitude'. I did it. I sat in the chair FOREVER and my tummy was in knots before, during and afterwards, but I did it! I didn't cry, or scream. Just got super red in the face and twitched a little.There might be a video... but no one needs to see that. Ally also got to know me on a whole other level. Her and I have known each other for 2 years now and, well, that was probably the first time we hung out with no school responsibility involved at all! Yay for us!
Once I got home I had a new sense of girl-y-ness and curled my hair and got dressed for my date with Zac. I don't know if it is the earrings or what, but I have finally figured out the proper way to curl my hair the way I want it! And... my hair stays curled!!! For those who don't know, my hair is difficult and does not like to stay pretty. But it lasted 3 days...
(I did shower, promise. I am not turning into Ally.)
With the new ears I am now determined to get a haircut, and add to my wardrobe. It is getting close to my birthday and shopping does need to occur.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I get bored

Since Zac works most weekend nights I spend that time planning lessons, correcting papers and thinking about my silly 5th/6th graders. Zac rarely gets off before 10 p.m so that gives me about 5 hours, after school, to get a whole lot done. Well... for those of you who really know me, it doesn't take me five hours to get things done (not bragging, just being honest). Try about 2 maybe 3 if it is a heavy day.... This week, it has been a solid 2. I don't know if it is because I am A.W.E.S.O.M.E and am getting the hang of things or if it is because my cooperative teacher doesn't trust me and gives me all the easy things!!!
(Did I mention I am suppose to be teaching all day by now and am not!)
I am sure you are thinking, "Poopsie, what do you do with the extra 3 hours?"
I watch Gulianna and Bill on Netflix
make random lists
take showers
listen to music
stare off into space

Today I.....
organized my drawers
made my bed
wrote a letter
made mash potatoes
and trimmed my finger nails....

I wanted to go and get a hair cut and my ears pierced... but I chickened out.
(yes I am 22 and still don't have my ears pierced)

Tomorrow... is going to be crazy. At noon Zac and I will be official renters of a perfect (first) apartment outside of SLC!

(growing up costs a lot)