Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brave Poopsie

I did it! I pierced my ears!!
Thanks to Ally and her 'just do it' attitude'. I did it. I sat in the chair FOREVER and my tummy was in knots before, during and afterwards, but I did it! I didn't cry, or scream. Just got super red in the face and twitched a little.There might be a video... but no one needs to see that. Ally also got to know me on a whole other level. Her and I have known each other for 2 years now and, well, that was probably the first time we hung out with no school responsibility involved at all! Yay for us!
Once I got home I had a new sense of girl-y-ness and curled my hair and got dressed for my date with Zac. I don't know if it is the earrings or what, but I have finally figured out the proper way to curl my hair the way I want it! And... my hair stays curled!!! For those who don't know, my hair is difficult and does not like to stay pretty. But it lasted 3 days...
(I did shower, promise. I am not turning into Ally.)
With the new ears I am now determined to get a haircut, and add to my wardrobe. It is getting close to my birthday and shopping does need to occur.


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  2. ok wow. i wash my hair. i also love you pretty earrings!!!