Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Senior Year!

I officially start my senior year of college tomorrow. What a rush to think about. It's weird to think that I only started less than 2 years ago. Tomorrow is a full day for me. I start at 9 a.m. and wont be done until 4:15. They are all back to back until 1:45 where I will have a nice 2 hour break.

Living in my new place is nice. All the girls I am living with are sophomores and seem alright. There are three of them that I am having a hard time connecting with, but granted I am not home a lot.... I am rooming with Cassie who I lived with last semester. The only freshman in the apartment is Letti. She is wicked awesome. Her parents dropped her off. They are your typical Mexicans from L.A. (no one take offense to that-they don't). Her mom took me aside and asked for my phone number just in case she can't get ahold of her daughter. So cute! I am excited and nervous about school. Wish me luck!