Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I really dislike Wednesdays....
They are long. They are slow. They are the middle.
However, I am HAPPY
(look at me putting what I have said into action)

(yes, this is an embarrassing picture, but i think it is me in a nutshell, and why hide me?)
I have TWO jobs now! Whoop Whoop.
I tutor during the day at a nearby elementary school. Some of you might be thinking... do you have a crush on a kid yet? No. I am keeping it appropriate this time.
(no one can replace austin)
At night I clean a dentist office. Yeah, I clean. I put on gloves and touch trash. Don't be jealous Ally.
(but for my half birthday you can send me something nice from... uhhh the place you work. I forgot the name..oops).
I now get fully dressed EVERYDAY... hair and all.
I have a "to do" list that almost gets completely crossed off
I have been going tanning... AMAZING. I even got my mom doing it too!
My house is emptying out this weekend. It will just be me and this place.
Any ideas on what I should do?
Happy Wednesday... may it go by faster for EVERYONE else


  1. oh my gosh. katie. i am so jealous of your TWO jobs. you rock that girl.

    ill buy you anything you want.:)
    oh and your going to marry Ryan.

  2. Everyone is thinking it....just be sure the curtains are closed.