Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winning, Lightening-Bonfires, Sandbar in St. Anthony, Sunburns, and baseball Games

This has been one of the best weekends I have had here in Rexburg. It all started Friday evening at 5:30. First was the semi-finals baseball game and guess what? WE WON!! It was such a good game. For those of you who do not know how sports work up here at BYU-Idaho, we don't have just one team that goes and plays others colleges. We have a bunch of different teams all made up of students from here. It is way cool. Not only does everyone get a chance to play on a competitive team, but they get to play people in their own classes. It gets SUPER competitive. With summer finally arriving, (yes, I did just say finally arriving..... winter lasted a very long time and spring was completely skipped) the sun has been out every day this week. Which mean... FREE TAN! Unfortunately I was not very smart about it and got a second degree burn on my shoulder. Sorry Mom for not telling you =D. Anyways back to the game, being the person I am, I can get pretty rowdy. I get all my roommates to come, bring otterpops, and yell extremely loud. I am referred to at the games as "otterpop"- not the worst nickname I have had. At the championship game the Vikings (the team I had friends on) are going to yell my name in one of their pre-inning cheers. I am way excited.
SOOOOOOOoooooo after the game my roommate Katie had a brilliant idea to go and do a bonfire up at crack in the earth. Basically it is a place where people go to shoot guns during the day and have bonfires at night. As we were driving a HUGE lightening storm was rolling in. The closer we got, we started to realize that the eye of the story was right above where we were planning on building our fire. Do you think that stopped us? NO! We got there before the rain started and were able to start the pallets that a very nice auto man let us have. Just as the pallets caught on fire, the rain and wind set in. Being me, I was not afraid. Some of the people with us.... exact opposite. As the rain and wind picked up the 8 of us that were there all crammed in the truck. Comfortable... I think not. The storm passed us pretty quickly (without putting out the fire) and we all hopped out and starting roasting marshmallows and starburst. ABout 5 more people showed and it became a party. I sure do love the smell of camp fire smoke on my clothes.
Saturday, basically all the same people went up to St. Anthony (a little town about 15 minutes north of here) to a place they call the sandbar. Now, I know what you are thinking. That's way awesome! But let me stop you before you get all excited for me. This place had nothing like a sandbar, sand of any kind actually. It was a river, with rocks (much like Indianola), a diving board, HUGE pipe slide and a jungle gym. It was a bummer that there was no actual sandbar, it was still a pretty legit place to hangout on a hot sunny day for a couple of hours. Yes, I got even more burnt, but so worth it. Mom, I did put sunscreen on my second degree burn so don't you fret dear.
To top the weekend off, my flag football team killed at our last game 26 to 0! Sharda (my bestest friend) got 2 touch downs! Love her.
It was a great weekend. Now it's sunday and I have to go to school tomorrow. But then... a 3 day weekend! PHEW! I want it!
4 more weeks and then I am home!!!!!

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  1. Yeah, crazy fun! Hugs to Katie for thinking of it! I guess I need not ask who started the awesome fire...? Congrats to the gaming folk! Great memories. Even though there are no photos on the post, I am hoping that a certain couple of roommates thought to place the invent in photographic infamy. Love you sweet pooper. We are so looking forward to torturing you here at home.

    Love ya,