Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Ally

For all those who have never been to Rexburg before, they will have no idea what I will be talking about. However, if you have been to Antarctica or gone to hell when it was frozen, then you will have a better understand of my near death experience with Ally Wednesday morning. As you all know her and I have spent a whole lot of time together.. lately it has been early hours of the morning driving to school in Idaho Falls. This one particular Wednesday morning we were running ahead of schedule... for some odd reason. The roads were clear and dry...until... THEY WEREN'T!
The car in front of us was slowing down for an old man walking on the side of the street with his red reflectors on his hat and chest (so cute!) When Ally lost control! The car began to slide perpendicular to the road. Straight up 90 degree angles happened. We went from one side of the road to the other, about 3 or 4 times.
Words that came out of Ally's mouth "ok...ok...ok....we're ok..." So proud of her!
She has improved her driving skills since she let Jesus take the wheel on our way to the live nativity play in December. I know her heart was ponding, but I could not help but laugh. We survived! Our blessing of the ENTIRE day... if not the whole week... There were no cars coming.. in either direction. Which for that time in the morning, on a school day.. is a true miracle.


  1. im posting a link to my blog from this. new tires on Sally will come on Saturday

  2. I laughed out loud; you tell of your harrowing experiences in such dead pan humor! Although, now that I think of it, I should be scared for you both. I am glad that Sally is getting a new pair (set?) of shoes so you girlie's will be safe(r).

    Love mom

    PS Despite the vicious rumors that have been spread about your dear old mommie, I have never been to hell during any of its sub-zero artic take I have no point of reverence for Idaho cold...

    PSs There was a big shiny orb in the sky today; it hurt my eyes...I was kind of scared; thought that it could be the end of the world...