Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was inspired by Ally's blog this morning (check her out, cause I talk about her a lot)
This has been a rough week for me. Lots of realizations and boredom... After reading Ally's blog post about timing I felt silly. Good things comes to those who wait.... in other words, be patient!!!
I realized how impatient I really am when it comes to waiting for that something good to come.
I realized I am kind of a control freak and that I can't nor do I want to control others.
That would be too stressful.
I realized that sometimes assumptions make an... well you know what it does.
I realized expectations will be met as long as they
are realistic and not jumping too far ahead.
I realized I am kind of crazy... might have had an adult tantrum this week.
(who does that? I did apparently) But I do hear crazy girls are worth it ;D
I realized I am a negative thinker when it comes to myself
I realized I let fear run me more than it should... if at all!
I realized I miss watching baseball games and flag football.
I realized I don't live by my own motto... LEAVE IT ALONE!!!
But realizing things is the first step to becoming better.... Can't I be better already?
What have you realized this week?
Hope everyone has a great weekend! My sister and her kids come tomorrow! Super excited.

Also tomorrow is Father's Day. I don't know about you, but my dad is the COOLEST. He quotes Nacho Libre and Napolean. He throws it back just as good as he takes it. He listens to Spanish music at 5 a.m. He digs ditches and gets excited about mowing the lawn. I love my dad. I couldn't have a better one! Love you padre!


  1. I love you too "Poopsie". All your "dreams will come true". Hang in there! Dad

  2. Good things do come to those who I've heard.