Tuesday, July 17, 2012

and I'm an alcoholic....

Blogging is hard. I have gone on a blogging diet and feel so far behind. So instead of trying to tell you about the events in my life. I'm just going to say...
I am now Katie 'Bullock' Morrell on FB
Life is grand!
No complaints.
Summer is great.
Rain is better.
Sleeping in is desirable and laying by the pool is one of my favorite hobbies.
Hiking, going to baseball games and being made a fool is a highlight, letters in the mail from friends in Alaska make me smile.
I am really good at laser tag and hot safari games.
I am trying to stop watching trash tv. but it hasn't gone very well.
I am the D.I goddess and
have started running... AGAIN! It just wont stick.

My name is Katie Morrell and I am a Rock Star!

put that in your pocket.

p.s. No mom I am not really an alcoholic. I just thought It was funny.

Doesn't this look like our daughter just got baptized?!! Future parents of AMERICA!


  1. Looks life is going grand for you!

  2. making an announcement? one of these days you are going to be serious and you will get the "cried wolf" effect with no reaction!

  3. First thing I noticed about this post is: I was in it! and then I really noticed that you were talking about babies and I thought 'holy smack-rolls you could have a baby while I'm on my mission!' if you do and she's a she then you ought to name Clara after me. But if he's a he name him Clarence after my alter-ego.