Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dirt and twisted ankles

What a weekend! I have nothing to say about my week because it was long, full of study groups, projects, homework and talks. Can I just say I am sick of talking. Is there such a thing as talking something to death? I happen to think there is and I am sick of it! I just need to figure out a way to get rid of it. ANYWAYS!

My great weekend.... At noon Saturday morning I was awakened by a familiar Frog ring tone. With great upsettness I answered well prepared to chew the person out for calling me oh so early on a saturday morning. To my surprise I was greeted with a warning to be dressed in jeans, shoes, and a sweatshirt and to be ready in 10 minutes. I attempted to get him (yes Levi) to tell me what was going on and that this better be good or some serious consequences were going to take place. All I got out of him was that I should be prepared to get dirty. As a side note... this is not a good idea to do to someone who NEVER gets to sleep in.

Exactly 10 minutes later, there was a knock on the door and I was greeted by Mr. Levi himself... with a disgusting smile on his face. He handed me a diet pepsi (trying to win some points back) and then blind folded me. Now... this normally would NOT be okay. I would have been screaming and punching in places that may have left his future wife a little disappointed, but as it being so early I went with it. Silly me!
We drove for what seemed like seconds (it only felt like this because I fell back asleep), when he pulled off on the side of the road. He then gets out of the truck and leaves me in there... ALONE... WITH NO MUSIC!!.... AND THE DOORS LOCKED! I'm not going to lie... I was beginning to worry. After a few minutes I heard a roar of an engine. To my surprise.... he had borrow a four wheeler! Now I have never been four wheeling before. And I was a little nervous, but that never stops me. We road around for about an hour because it started to snow (stupid rexburg!). The best part was when I was driving and Levi (idiot) put his foot down because he thought we were tipping (we were not) and his foot got caught in the tire!! hahahahaha. But get this.. He didn't tell me right away. He couldn't get the words out to tell me to brake so I dragged his foot for a couple of feet. I felt bad, but I could not hide the laughter. And he was worried about hurting me.
Pretty much it was great and a fun surprise.... but I sure hope he has learned a couple of lessons of trying to be spontaneous with me.

No Mom and Heather, we did not take any pictures. For my lack of creative genes and picture taking skills... the camera was left at home. Once again I blame genetics and the fact that it was early.

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  1. Loved your story KB! It was fun to talk with you on the phone. Grab a camera already! I have several new movies for your viewing pleasure in the pile. I am looking forward to seeing you!