Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My life as a college student...

Mothers day weekend was by far the best I have had in a VERY long time. Not only did I get all my homework done THURSDAY NIGHT, but I got to have the presence of my parents ALL weekend! I was too excited to cry, but I sure am grateful for those two special people.
We spend the weekend in Utah visiting with family. It was pretty awesome to see everybody and catch up. If you are not related some how to my family, you are missing out. Being a Bullock is pretty much the best thing on earth. I got a haircut by my talented cousin Whitney. She wacked a lot of my hair off, but it looks awesome. I have been getting lots of compliments on my hew sexy hair. (pictures.... whoops!). Thanks to my mom I also got a new pair of jeans! Woot Woot! Can I say there is nothing like a new pair of jeans. I think I have worn them every day sense I got back to school. I have been told that my bum just looks fantastic in them. ;D I like hearing that!
Most of the weekend was spend just hanging out at my grandparents house. We attempted going to the Real Soccer game, but they rescheduled the game for earlier in the day without our knowing. Basically, they did not want us Washington people there. Bad luck you see. I was able to see my two nephews, Cadyn and Connor for the first time since they were born. Those boys are CUTE! It was great to see them and finally have a mental image of them. There mother... still a total tool...
Since I have been back I have had some exciting things happen. You might be thinking to yourself... what are those things Poopsie? Let me tell you. SCHOOL! I love my major. It is what I want to do with my life and I can't imagine doing anything else. School on the other hand is full of projects, lessons (my favorite part), teachers that decided they do not want to explain their expectations but expect us to when we teach, and stupid college students asking the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! How many times do you need to be told that you are to type it in WORD!!! Oh my snot! I could slap these people. Not only am I learning curriculum, but I am learning patience as well. Goodness! Every day I come home a little stressed and every day I get it all done, and sleep. What can I say, my life is excited! Shannon I know you want to live through me, but trust me, this is not something you want to do again. Eh!


  1. Yeah for pictures! We love you too! And our crazy Bullockness. Your book is coming along nicely. I will have the black and whites done, probably tomorrow...(I watched star wars episode one while drawing --very inspiring stuff), then it is just color and any changes that you wish to make to my perfection. I am so glad that you love your major. You have always enjoyed children. Now you can do...constructive...stuff and such with them. :)

    XOXO mamala

  2. You are so right--NEVER do I want a "do-over"