Monday, October 18, 2010

I am a Professional!

I think I need to add a new skill to my Resume... Pumpkin Carving! Now I know what ya'll are thinking, but I am getting extremely good! Friday (yes, just a week after my last pumpkin carving) I carved again... this time it turned out so good! No more silly faces for me. I only do legit carvings. The trick... work from the inside out. It prevents tarrying.
I am required to state that I had the help of Levi on this one... and I must repent and admit that his last pumpkin was not ugly, but we deleted the picture off both our phones and it is now rotten. I also am to mention that I like throwing him under the bus... it's what I do, what can I say =D

Anyways, here is the latest pumpkin... and guess what? For FHE (Family Home Evening) we're carving pumpkins!! I think I might be addicted!


  1. Wow! Thanks for showing us your pumpkin skills...I always knew that you had it in you! My daughter, the pumpkin sculpteress...Show us your family night pumpkins too! You guys must be keeping some pumpkin farmer in high hay!

    Levi is beginning to remind me of that cat in Hocus Pocus. You keep throwing him under the bus, and he keeps coming back to life. Amazing...another superhero skill...

    Dad is putting Napoleon in the DVD about throwing people under buses...thanks Katie...:)

    XO Mom Mom

  2. How do you know where to carve if you are doing it from the inside out? I want to know. I want to actually be able to carve decent pumpkins this year. Teach me, oh guru of Pumpkin carving.