Sunday, October 31, 2010

It is officially Over Now...

I am now 21 years of age... and I don't feel the tiny-bit different. I look the same. I am not any smarter or wiser, nor did I win a million dollars. But I did have a very fun, amazing, magnificant, amazing, perfect first birthday away from home. Thanks to Levi and a few other people I had a great birthday.

Here is how the day went. I was awaken
ed by my niece and nephew calling me on the phone at 7:30 a.m to sing to me. Just for those of you who are not aware, my first class of the day was at two in the afternoon. They sure are lucky
it was my birthday. I then received text message after text message wishing me a happy day. I eventually turned my phone off and went to take a shower, thinking it would help me fall back asleep. NOPE! Marc, my brother (whom I share a birthday with) called and talked to me for about 20 minutes. Not going to lie, it was weird not seeing him on our birthday. Miss you Dave! After that I got up, got dressed in my roommate Letty's closet and went out to breakfast with Levi at a local breakfast joint here in town called JB's. Great food and cheapperfect way to start it off. We then went bowling! My bowling class is paying off. Levi killed me our first game, but I beat him the second one... only by three points, but I still won the bet, and that's all that matters, right?
After I killed Levi I had to go to class. Which ended up being way easy and way fun. Then off to Idaho Falls (the near by mall) to kill the money I got from my parents. Being 21 and all I have felt the need to update my closet with some maturity. So that is exactly what I was looking for. Levi was a good sport and walked around while I shopped. I got some really nice teacher-pants, and a ton of shirts and cardigans. Nothing says teacher like a nice cardigan.
Once done at the Mall we met up with Sharda and Dan at Red Robin. So yummy! Of course Sharda mentioned to our waiter that it was my birthday. I was lucky en
ough to put the balloons awkwardly around my years while they sang me to. Best thing ever! Dinner was short and sweet and off to Val's where my cheesecake was cooling in the fridge. Family tradition that I couldn't go without.

Little did I know that night that my birthday was not over. Friday night Levi and I went out to dinner at this horrible place in Rigby. We can laugh about it now, but who has every heard of a hot hamburger. Yuck!
He was acting so dumb the whole night. He kept making random stops to look for lightbulb at the worst stores possible. It was getting a little old and a bit frustrating. But little did I know, for when I walked into my apartment to "check our online tickets" I was greeting by about 25 people yelling surprise at me. I about peed a little. He got me, and he got me good. I've never had a surprise party thrown in my honor before and this was a great first one. Thanks Levi, Sharda and Cassie for putting so much effort into makin
g it so special to me. It blew me away how many friends I actually do have here at school. And a variety of ones too. Married with kids, old empty nester, freshman, serious, not serious at all, from home and roommates. It was great! I really had an amazing birthday and wouldn't ask for it to be different in any way.

From my parents I got a new camera, so I am hoping I get better at taking my camera with me to all the places I go. I have been doing pretty good so far, right?

I had to put this on here because I find it hilarious! This video is a movie of Val, Mindee and Levi singing me happy birthday over my cheesecake. Oh! And Val got me some beer. But the non-alcoholic kind.


  1. I am so glad that your first birthday away from home was a great one. It was weird not only having you away on your birthday, but also, Dad and I being away too! It felt...wrong somehow...I know Marc felt abandoned...sort of! I am amazed that you were surprised that you have so many friends... talk about being oblivious to your impact on other people...madam sunshine...don't loose that super power as you age, that would be sad. Thanks Levi for dragging KB to the mall and using your super powers to surprise her! Another check in the box...:) (Katie is now asking herself, what box:?...)

    XOXO Mom

  2. Congrats you old fart! Welcome to the group of adults. He's a secret, you don't have to act like a grown up yet! Life if no fun if you don't act like a kid every once and a while! Happy birthday!