Monday, November 15, 2010

A discovery

For all those who have known me for a long time and remember the days of baseball caps, sweater around the waist and dirty, jeans you know that I have made much progress since then. I now wear different outfits to church each week and occasionally curl my hair. Well just yesterday I had a realization. Something I never thought would happen to me. Being 21 has turned me into a girl!!
You are probably thinking, what you talkin' about Poopsie? But seriously, I am. I have the "ich" as Levi likes to call it. 21 did not bring me more knowledge, beauty, clear skin, no... it brought me the ich for shopping! Sarah would be proud =D
Honestly, Levi and I were thinking about it and it started on my birthday... It was all the "gift cards" I got that MADE me shop on that very day. It is ridiculous. Since I am updating my wardrobe with a much classier look, I just have things I need. Brown shoes, brown shirt, a colored cardigan, blah blah blah.... Who have I become!?
Just this last weekend to kill time in I.F (Idaho Falls) Levi and I went shopping!!! What?!!!!!!
Who does that? Out feet literally hurt afterwards. I can't believe this has happened to me. Thank heavens I am a poor college student that lives on a strict budget.

But I must say.... I am looking mighty fine. Before my adventures in California for Thanksgiving I will be getting a haircut (bangs, maybe?) and either brown or grey flatts. Ugh! I'm sick. I need a cure.

Me... an offical girl... Poopsie.


  1. Gasp... shock.. awe...

    next thing you know, you'll be into crafts, too!! Don't say "never" Sister mine, your time WILL come! (bwa ha ha ha)

  2. We always knew you had it in you! By the way, "now" not "know" and "wear" not "where". Learning keeps us humble.

  3. My beautiful little girl is all grown up. How do I process this information? I hope you are taking pix while you are in Cali!!! I want to see some of your new looks!