Sunday, December 5, 2010


For all the people that ditched out on us. For those who said it would be all melted and dirty. YOU MISSED THE BEST SNOW EVER! Most of 403 (my old apartment) and I went to the Dunes Saturday afternoon. The weatherwas perfect. The snow was melted just perfect forsledding. We all felt a little daring so we took some chances and went down some very sketchy hills. At one hill we said a prayer. I know, I know, only at BYU-Idaho would this happen, and if we felt like we needed to pray we probably should not havegone down it. There were a few close calls and some scary moments, but the speed and adrenaline was addicting. At the end of it we decided that we are going next week. I will be able to add professional sledder to my resume now.


  1. Look out Olympics; Katie loves to luge (it is an olympic sledding event...) I am glad that everyone is safe. That hill looked vertical! I think I prefer games with cardboard kitties...or not. How about sardines in the library. Yeah. Try that.


  2. Talk about whining no one comments on my story already! Sorry no pictures, but you will survive!