Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Review

I have now been a graduate for a week a
nd a few days. It is a weird feeling being home and having to worry about finding a job and saving money again. There never seems to be an end to making decisions, determining the important things to focuson and moving forward, not backwards. Being home has its advantages.... I get my own room, bathroom (my dad uses it but he is a good person to share it with), house to myself to walk around wearing whatever I want (;D thanks Sarah), endless voice messages from Ally and books to read... FOR PLEASURE! I am getting restless so I have began applying to places. Keepme in your prayers, thoughts, ANYTHING in finding a job that will help me reach my goal before I head off to teaching...

Now... here is a quick review on my last days in Rexburg (real quick).

I decided that I needed to go fishing in Idaho before I left. Therefore, a few of my roommates (Clara, Chantell, Taryn and Jacqui) went with Porter (so nice of him to take us annoying girls) to a DAM! It was dam cold and the dam fish were not biting. We didn't last long, and might have gotten the line stuck in the rocks and power-lines (Jacqui). But we came up with an amazing song... not repeated for mixed company and saw a few deer

We also went M&M bowling (which is nothing like skittle bowling DAN!).

Then there was graduation. My WHOLE family came. Some through skype, but everyone was there. It still hasn't hit me that I graduated, but I have always been ahead of the game ;D

I now miss people that have been a part of my life and become a part of me. But it wouldn't be life it things didn't change. Here's to change... and all the struggles that come with it.
p.s. I have to give a hollllaaa to Ally for making my blog as as it is. Thanks girl! You should probably wash your yoga pants soon.


  1. yoga pants are washed. they feel so great clean! cant wait until august.

  2. Yeah for Katie being home! We love having someone next door listening to us breathe! I particularly love that Katie now cooks one day a week for everyone! Golly, if everyone moved home I wouldn't hardly have to cook at all! Maybe she should apply as a chef downtown, she would be awesome and creative! :D

    Loved our piano lesson!