Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Have you ever wondered why Wednesday's seem to be so annoying?
Let me tell you...
Wednesday's are in the middle of the week, which means... you are not close to the beginning or the ending.
Wednesday's are longer than ALL other days (fact)
Wednesday's rarely have any good shows on
Wednesday's mean clean checks...
Wednesday's are usually not sunny days.
Wednesday's remind you of all that you still have to do before Friday

Today it so happens to be Wednesday.
What have I been up to today?
Let me tell ya.........
voice messages
code red
teacher work samples
treat runs (get her now ally)
Hair curling ( Heather I am getting pretty good at this)
Costa Vida (raspberry chicken BUENO)
flip flops
curling up on the couch.
I hope everyone has had a great Wednesday and that it has been memorable. I only have one more Wednesday in Rexburg...


  1. your blog made me cry. only one more wednesday. i miss rexburg already. p.s. can fall get here already? i am excited to play!

  2. I tend to like Wednesdays. Does that make me weird? Only two more early wake ups, only two more dates with Jillian (if I have been good) only two more days in my box. Raspberry Chicken sounds good....yummmers.