Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

After working for a pointless 2 hours this morning, I spent the day with this beauty...
And this stud muffin, watching Inspector Gadget, Pink Panther and, what else, Cars!
Even with all the excitement of having the kids here life still happens.
I feel like I have felt some of my own medicine shoved down my throat the past couple of days.
No bueno!
It's amazing how so much can change over a 3 day period.
Change.... uughhhhh.
Today has been one of those days... the ones you just want to be over.
"Remember it is important at times to focus on your direction rather than your location, especially when your location sucks!"

Here is this post's song. (yes ally, i stole it from you)


  1. Change sucks! Hope all gets better for ya.

  2. No Eliza? Change is the one constant in life.