Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back!

I feel overwhelmed with all I need to update ya'll about...

First thing... California. Was. A. Blast. The drive was miserable, but my mom and I are troopers and make things happen. I have gone to my grandparents every summer for as long as I can remember. It has turned into a mom and me trip because everybody else is gone and doing bigger things. So we have turned it into OUR king of trip. Which means the band Queen blaring, carrots, gatorade and grumpy woman. Bliss.

For those who don't know when we go, we go to work, not to play. My grandparents are getting up there in their old age and are having a harder time keeping up on the little things and some of the big things on the farm. That's where we come in! Wonder Woman. This year it was wood (as always), garbage clean up, weeding (which I didn't do) and swimming! My aunt's, my mom and I created our own farm girl work out. Seriously, it was legit. We had songs and everything. Needless to say, the next day was Sunday and we were all grateful for a day of rest. It was tough work, but I love that I know how to do it and enjoy it..... to a certain degree.

Aunt Jeanie, me, Aunt Sharon and Gpa rockin it in the wheelbarrow. It started off a very cold day, but the sun came out.
The beginning... I hate this part.
One of our workout routines.
As part of our workout we added this one. I got tired of bending over, so this is what happened. The doggy push.
I got my Aunt Sharon to try it to. She had a wicked under-legs-arm.
My grandpa created his little log-spliter-thing. I wasn't allowed to operate....
Yup... I was annoyed.
The water was WICKED cold. I was kind of a baby every day before getting in.
This is my Grandpa.. 89 years old and holding. This man is going to live forever. He went down the slide and did a belly flop into the pool. Real Legit.
Group shot. The little boy right next to me... that's my cousins son, James. He is my best friend James.

Second thing....on my return (we left at 5 am. Monday because I had to work that night.. UGH) I had a lovely email congratulating me on my student teaching assignment. You are looking at a 5th/6th split teacher right here. Nervous? Yup, but it is what I wanted. I am excited. Now that I know I get to start planning lessons and get the teacher juices flowing (does that sound gross?). Only a few more week here in Washington and then I am off to Utah.

Utah scares me, but I am going to have the best of the best people there with me. ;D

I guess I really didn't have that much to update. Lame.

Ally I miss you... do you know yours yet?
Clara write me back!
Jaqui I am still waiting on your letter....

Upcoming events...
Bellingham to visit the Chandlers!


  1. Yeah! Thanks for the pics, sis. Did Amy and Keith not show up??? Wish I could have been there to help. You guys looked like you rocked it. Thanks also for the pictures of Grandpa. He is going to live forever, because he ROCKS. Love you!

  2. Katie,
    This is Clara and I just love you. Here's my URL: