Sunday, February 5, 2012

The last 50 Days

It has been months! Even though I am not a famous blogger I like to think people have been feeling deprived... Who knew that getting married and starting a new job would be so demanding! The past month and half has been a blur, pure bliss and full of stress.  Just as my H.U.S.B.A.N.D! Everyday I am reminded of why I chose him to be mine forever. No one else can handle me and still love me! Needless to say, I done good. We have yet to get the pictures from the photographer, so here are just two that I really liked that my sister snapped of us. 
 I think I should have gone without the flower in my hair. Don't really like it anymore. But whateve! I am not planning on going back and re-doing it again. 
 These are the best siblings in the world. All were present! Just as I wanted. Seriously, family is all you really need. The day was amazing. Sitting across from Zac in the temple is a feeling I will never forget. Those moments made everything worth it. It is amazing how instantly your love deepens after being sealed. More than you thought possible. Getting to spend eternity with this kid is going to be a cinch... well 99% of the time ;D
For those who don't know we got married in the Seattle Temple in the morning and then had both, I repeat BOTH receptions on that day. It was crazy! We were exhausted, tired of smiling and just wanted to be done. Putting my dress on and off got so annoying I now HATE the thing. I got bruises from the dress becoming so tight! It was a great day though. Zac and I are so blessed with all the love and support we received that day and continually. There is nothing like getting money and presents in the mail on random days. 
After the wedding we enjoyed an amazing honeymoon in Vegas! My brother Tim and his wife Sarah treated us to a room at the MGM Grand for two nights. It was so nice to have a break before we had to go back to life. We loved walking down the strip, the food, all the casinos, gondola rides and shopping at the forum and the outlet malls. The weather was great and we had an amazing time! 

Since then....we have made nest in South Salt Lake in a little one bedroom apartment. Zac has been living here since the end of October, but we have not been able to make it ours was 'his'. Here are a few pictures of the place. I love our apartment. It is a perfect size for the two of us!  
 This is the view from when you walk in the front door. You have our dinning room table and the living room is there to the right. We sort of created a New York themed living room.
(zac served his mission there)
 Our hallway from the living/dinning room to the bedroom and the bathroom. The doors on the right are closets. There really is a lot of storage for us to use. 
 Here is the bedroom! Not a whole lot in there, but it is a huge room. We have two closets, one for each of us ;D 
 And the bathroom. Small and green, but I like it. With our schedules we rarely are both in it trying to get ready at the same time. 
And the living room. Yes, we have a fire place... but it is just there for looks, apparently. It was a funny realization. Sorry about the lighting. The flash was not cooperating with me at the time. 

That is it! I love it. I love adding things that make it more and more ours. The only thing I wish for is some color on the walls. But that is the downside of renting. Someday =D


Something fun and exciting has happened in the last twenty four hours. Zac and I are proud new owners of a......
2012 Jetta SE

My favorite features:
sun roof
touch screen radio
heated seats 
getting a HUGE discount because I am a college graduate 
the envious looks of people in other cars.


  1. Love it cuz! I'm so happy for you and jealous of the beautiful new car! You guys totally need to come up and play cards one night!

  2. I have been waiting for this blog...well for 50 days! Glad life is treating you well!

  3. Katie! I didn't know you had a blog! Fun! Congrats again on the marriage and congrats on the awesome car! Your place is so cute! And yes, Jett is a lot bigger than the last time you saw him when you babysat huh?!

  4. You look beautiful and I like the flower. Your apartment looks really cute, and I don't know if I've said this before but I love the way you blog. Your style is very fun to read, thanks for keeping it updated.