Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling a Bit More Grown Up

We did it... .......We moved!
(In less than 4 hours) 
This new place is fantastic! I feel more grown up here.
Feeling Grown Up Reason #1--- Zac and I both agree we feel like we can cook in this kitchen. Yesterday I made tacos because of all the room in there! It isn't HUGE, but compared to our first place it's HUGE.
Feeling Grown Up Reason #2---We have laundry... under the same roof we sleep under! I love not having to drag it to the car and then from the car to where ever. 
Feeling Grown Up Reason #3-- We have a patio! It is small, but can put chairs out there and maybe some day a grill! My bike Kermytt lives out there right now. He seems happy to be outside and not stuck in our room. 
Feeling Grown Up Reason #4-- We have TWO bedrooms AND TWO bathrooms! Holllaaaaaa
Feeling Grown Up Reason #5-- There are two couches in our family now. Thank you Jackie ;D
Feeling Grown Up Reason #6-- Our food storage has begun thanks to food left! Whoop Whoop!

Feeling more grown up is a fun feeling. Too bad feeling grown up comes with more responsibilities and bills.... Now... I just need to win the lottery.
Pictures coming soon.

Happy Wednesday!
P.S Ally and Dan will be our first visitors-- Gotta  love double dates!

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  1. You are such a domestic goddess now! Two bathrooms and two bedrooms...does that mean that Zac and you each have your own bathrooms? Take about bliss! I look forward to the pictures!