Thursday, May 10, 2012

I am Becoming Domestic

I have made a little goal of getting as much blogging is as I can while I am off track. But it is not going very well. I have spent most of this week subbing for my team so I am beat at the end of the day. However, I have been up to a few 'domestic' things. It has been bugging me for a few days that my picture frames in the living room don't match. Soooooo.. I got some spray paint and made them all BLACK! crafty item number one. 
Crafty item number 2 is my greatest accomplishment that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. 
My oldest niece, Eliza Grace Bratt, is turning eight here in just a few weeks. We are going to make the trek to Colorado to be there for her baptism. Being that it is her eighth birthday I wanted to get her some special gifts, just from her Crazy Aunt Katie... and uncle Zac. 

I decided that one of my gifts had to have something to do with temples. I thought it was a GREAT idea because she is taking the first step in that directions. So last week Zac and I went to the book store and I picked out a cute picture of the Salt Lake Temple (her fav.) and Zac found a book with A.L.L the temples in it. She loves to read and he picked a winner for sure. As we were walking around the store I got a little choke up. 

Part two of her gift are these. 

Sorry the pictures are upside down, but you get the idea.

Yes I made them! Out of T-shirts!!! How 'domestic' am I?! Zac said he can tell I am really proud of myself, which I am. I have made two for me, one for Crazy Clara who is going to PERU on her mission on SEPTEMBER! Three for Eliza and one for her littler sister (the black one) because she is going to want some attention and it is WAY too small for Eliza. I think I really like these because it takes 10 minutes tops. I suffer from instant gratification when it comes to being crafty. Which explains the spray paint....... 
Next project, Sharda gave us her old Tv. stand that I want to paint  blue... or green..... or both!

The end of May is going to be straight C.R.A.Z.Y. Going back on track to do end of the year testing, Ally and Dan's wedding, moving, unpacking, BreAnne comes home from her mission and Colorado trip. We move in t-minus 4 days. Anyone want to loan us a truck?


  1. my wedddddddddddinggggggggggg.

  2. I LOVE my skirt!!!!!!! I feel so honored to a recipient of your crafty endeavors. I wore it the day after I got it and my sister thought it was SOO cute. She want's to know how you make them.

  3. Eliza has been begging me to buy her a skirt just like those for WEEKS. Oh, Katie, you are gonna get the "best aunt in the world" award for those... and thanks for remembering Afton. She's gonna freak out at a new pretty skirt too.

    BTW: TOLD YOU SO! I told you "being crafty" was gonna become a desire of yours someday when you grew old and figured out how cheap and easy it would make it for you to have fun things and a cute house. Told ya! Told ya!

  4. Sooo cute! Love those skirts! How do you make them without a machine inquiring minds (mine to be exact) want to know.. Hmmm? Fun stuff!