Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Gone...

Well I did it. I cut my long, stringy, shedding hair and have beautiful short hair. A co-worker at work suggested her cousin for my haircut. I LOVED HER! She has my business for as long as we are in Utah. If you want her info, I will be gladly to give it to you.
$10 dollars for a FANTASTIC haircut, great conversation with a little boy running around
= worth it!

Pro's to having shorter hair:

  1. Dries W.A.Y. faster
  2. Takes 5 minutes tops to do anything to it. Curl, straight, messy...5 minutes!
  3. My bangs are going to be, but I am not used to them and they make me look like a rocker when they are down. So they are up a lot right not. 
Zac has pointed out to me that I have gone on Pinterest every night for the past 3 days. It just inspires me! I have so many new ideas for my classroom I just want to get started! Why can't I take these 3 weeks off and just enjoy them? I seriously get grumpy at Zac because he gets to go to work and accomplish things. I am a freak! Here are a few things that will be added to either my classroom or apartment... the in-house aids have a lot of work ahead of them (hehehehe)

 The kids laugh at me every time I run into something and say 'ouchie.' Yup, I say 'ouchie' better than saying other words that come to my head first ;D


  1. Ethan and I both agree after reading your post. If your bangs are the, we wanna see 'em! Pictures!!!

  2. Love the new hair KB! I want to see the bangs too! Isn't Pinterest addicting?! It is the great intersection of great, creative people

  3. I have never been to pinterest but I'm starting to feel interested. I love your hair, I love the class room ideas and I LOVE that you have your own classroom to create!